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On The Limit Sports

Founded in 2003, On The Limit Sports has provided people with Television coverage down throughout the years on some of the best Motorsport action around. Some of our most common championships that we at On The Limit Sports cover are the Irish Tarmac Championship, National Rally Championship & Irish Forestry Championship.

Irish Tarmac Championship
From the Donegal to Kerry follow the Irish Tarmac Championship with its official Television Coverage from us
Border Rally Championship
Follow the Border Rally Championship with us here via our Youtube or Facebook page its official Television Coverage Company 
Irish Forestry Championship 
Follow the Irish Forestry Championship with us the official Television Company bringing you the best from the woods
our skills
We film , Design , Produce Television programs for Irish Motorsport since 2003
Film Event Edit Event Produce Program Showcase Rally Program
our works
You can now view all our Television Programs for free now on our Youtube channel in case you missed your rally that we may have covered.